Introduction about Cambodia Culture

Introduction about Cambodia CultureCambodia has the history of more than 2,000 years together with the brilliant paddy civilization of the human beings. Along with the protection and constructing the country, Cambodian people have developed the cultural and architectural monuments with lots of pagoda, temple, historical and artistic vestige, as well as the traditional customs, religions, and various systems of festivals and handicraft jobs. All those heritages are the human civilization tourist resources that are favored by the foreign tourists.

Angkor complex is the soul of Khmer people. That is the symbol of art and the civilization of Cambodian, which was built from the middle of 7th century to the middle of 13th century by powerful Khmer Kings. It also announced the strength and position of Cambodia Kingdom in South East Asia since 800 to 1430.

The ancient architecture is suitable for landscape, culture and religion of ancient people. An architecture system that has the value and structure like the Eastern style Fengshui (style of India and China). Lots of religious architectural monuments and particularly are monuments in stone have been exploited all the charm, wealth and unique by Khmer art. Those are the monuments, which were built across centuries. Therefore, there are also many differences among these temples, though they were alike.

The current art: from the past heritage together with the skillful of craftsmen, many ancient architectural have been transformed to the modern architecture: lacquer art, pictures, old objects and other objects like silk picture, pearl encrusted picture, especially the art of sculpture of stone.

These historical heritages not only contain vestiges but also a period of traditional art with the unique customs and the heritages that are inherited from generations to generations. Apart from Phnom Penh, Siem Reap is the province that has many ancient temples (more than 50 regions). Typically, Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom are the outstanding. In some places, they are integrated with outer nature to create a wealthy landscape. Some are deep situated in the forest, and some are standing in the middle of the city that creates ancient and mysterious beauty for these cities.

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