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Khmer Dance Other Traditional Culture

Khmer Dance

With more than 90% of Cambodian are Buddhism followers, festival and pagodas are much in the lives of them. The dance, performances are created in the songs in festivals are also carrying the breath of Buddhism. In the festival of Hindusim, they seem to be more plentiful in terms of dancing and music like the [...]
Cambodian Costume Other Traditional Culture

Cambodian Costume

In Cambodia, color of costumes is different from Monday to Sunday as followed: light yellow, green, grey, blue, dark green, and red. Clothing in Cambodia is one of the most important aspects of the culture. Cambodian fashion is divided by the people’s differing castes and social classes. Cambodians traditionally wear a checkered scarf called a [...]
Cambodian Traditional Music Other Traditional Culture

Cambodian Traditional Music

There is a lot of traditional music in Cambodia which is not influenced by any other external condition. They have the traditional color of Khmer, respect the ancestor or offering. In the development of Khmer people, they have developed many musical instruments to express the wish and feeling in daily working and protecting the land [...]